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New study reveals graffiti removal costs across the UK

10 November 2020

A NEW study on the amount of money spent on graffiti removal in the UK has revealed six figure sums spent by councils across the country.

In August & September 2020, Structural Repairs requested data from 381 councils in the UK. By using Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation requests, the councils were asked to provide the number of graffiti incidents recorded, and the amount spent on graffiti removal, in 2019.

The council with the highest number of graffiti incidents was Hackney, with more than 29,000 reported cases, while Glasgow City had the highest graffiti removal expenditure, almost £650,000.

Out of 381 councils that were surveyed for information, 200 councils provided the number of graffiti incidents, 113 councils provided the amount spent on graffiti removal. 32 councils do not record the number of graffiti incidents and 38 councils do not record the cost to remove graffiti. 115 councils include graffiti as a part of their overall street cleaning service/contract and a result cannot extract either the graffiti incidents or costs, or both.  At the time of publication 107 councils are yet to provide a response.

The full findings can be found at https://structuralrepairs.com/graffiti

Councils with highest number of graffiti incidents:

  • Hackney 29,236
  • Leicester 16,144
  • Camden 7246
  • Greenwich 5774
  • Oxford 5221
  • Islington 4207
  • Enfield 2915
  • Westminster 2855
  • Aberdeen City 2328
  • Haringey 2150.

Councils with highest graffiti removal expenditure:

  • Glasgow City £649,914
  • Hackney £300,000
  • Hounslow £204,700
  • Greenwich £188,749.87
  • Doncaster £167,130
  • Wandsworth £164,158
  • Leicester £160,321.81
  • Lambeth £150,000
  • Oxford £133,000
  • North Lanarkshire £120,000.

For more information visit https://structuralrepairs.com/