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Swiftclean uses new tracer chemical

30 May 2024

WATER HYGIENE specialist Swiftclean is now using a new tracer chemical in closed water systems, in order to accurately assess the volume of water within the system and devise a treatment and maintenance programme.

Older methods of calculating water volume have proved time consuming and often inaccurate. The new tracer chemical approach allows a fast and accurate assessment, resulting in a quick, more precise and reliable measurement.
The chemical tracer is introduced into the closed system in a measured dose, via injection pump or dosing pot, and the system is then run for a set time period to circulate and disperse the chemical throughout the system. At the end of this running time, which is based on system size and efficiency, the water is tested again, with specialist kit, to measure the concentration of the dispersed tracer chemical. This allows Swiftclean to make an accurate calculation of the total water volume within the system, which can then be accurately dosed with maintenance chemicals. These are introduced to prevent rust, corrosion, sludge and bacteria, any of which could eventually cause expensive damage to the system.
Water Treatment experts Swiftclean recommend proactively maintaining a closed system or closed loop water system in order to prevent such issues as system blockages, poor water circulation and leaks, as well as potential failures of essential equipment such as pumps and valves. Keeping the closed loop water system well protected also helps to aid overall system efficiency and keep energy consumption and running costs from rising.
David Randlesome, Swiftclean’s National Sales Manager for Water Services said, “Water systems which are not maintained can suffer from a number of issues which can reduce efficiency in the long term. Poor water chemistry and microbiological growth can cause the system to slow, and pose a threat to equipment such as valves and pumps. Dosing a system incorrectly can also cause more problems than it is designed to solve. Underdosing can allow microbiological growth, whilst overdosing can inadvertently cause corrosion. Knowing the water volume is therefore essential.
“Using a chemical tracer gives us a highly accurate assessment of the water volume, which means that we can devise a precisely tailored maintenance programme, based on each system’s exact requirements. This helps not only to keep closed systems healthy, but also helps to avoid the need for remedial works, which can prove expensive.”
Closed or closed loop systems are those used for heating and cooling, in which the same water is repeatedly recirculated. As any water loss is negligible and they do not need water to be added, and water is not exposed to the atmosphere, closed loops are inherently more efficient than other types of water system. However, it is important to keep them healthy, sustainable and efficient by devising and applying a proactive tailored maintenance programme based on the water volume.
Once the water volume has been determined, Swiftclean can prescribe the correct doses of each preventative chemical for the individual system. This is usually a combination of corrosion inhibitors and biocide. Swiftclean also recommends regular chemical parameter analysis of the water in the system in order to ensure its ongoing health and efficiency.
Other methods of estimating system volumes can be time-consuming and often inaccurate. Using this new tracer chemical provides fast and accurate results helping to ensure an effective treatment plan can be implemented quickly to prevent costly maintenance and repairs.
Swiftclean also provides robust Legionella prevention and water hygiene services to a wide range of industries.  
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