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Remarkable growth for cleaning provider

02 April 2024

ROBOCLEANING SERVICES a leading end-of-tenancy cleaning provider, has announced significant business growth, marking a transformative journey from a humble start to becoming a prominent player in the cleaning industry.

End of tenancy cleaning was delivered to over 3000 homes, with a specialisation in transforming 4-9 bedroom properties across Berkshire and Surrey. This success has been achieved during the course of the pandemic, reflecting the company's commitment to excellence. 

Founder Jo Boateng's journey began in 2012 when faced with redundancy from Siemans Facility Management. Despite challenges, Boateng managed to sustain himself through two years of studying at Kings College, ultimately earning a degree in Youth and Community Development. Initially starting with a small vehicle, the company faced obstacles in meeting the growing demand without the necessary infrastructure. Concerns from clients about the equipment provisions prompted a swift focus on delivering exceptional service to overcome potential embarrassment. 

To address these challenges, Boateng invested £42,000 in a branded Ford Transit, significantly improving local brand awareness. The company also invested in training its staff to uphold the highest standards. With in-house oven and carpet cleaners, Robocleaning Services Ltd positioned itself as a comprehensive and reliable solution in the cleaning industry. 

The strategic investments and focus on service excellence have translated into substantial growth. What began as servicing one property a day has expanded to three teams handling three properties daily. Achieving a turnover of £250,000, Robocleaning Services Ltd has ambitious plans for continued growth, building on the foundation laid since the business's inception in 2008, with the tenant services initiated in 2012. 

Robocleaning Services Ltd believes in the importance of proper arrangements prior to the end of tenancy to avoid cleaning charges and failed checkouts. The dedicated team at Robocleaning Services Ltd ensures hassle-free moves for tenants and their families. 

Jo Boateng, Founder, said: "We are thrilled to witness the remarkable growth of Robocleaning Services Ltd. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to letting agents, landlords, relocation teams and tenants, has been the driving force behind our success. We believe in making end-of-tenancy moves hassle-free for our clients, and our growth is a testament to the trust they place in us." 

For further information, please contact: 

Jo Boateng, Founder, Robocleaning Services Ltd 

Phone: 07930585530