Sharing the limelight

18 October 2023

As part of the Cleaning Excellence Conference & Awards, The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) will share the event with a day of presentations. BICSc's group managing director, Neil Spencer-Cook describes what visitors can expect.

CLEANING MATTERS magazine is returning to the Coventry Building Society Arena to run a day of exhibitions, conferences and to present the Cleaning Excellence Awards, following on from their success last year, this year looks to be even bigger and better. 

Event information is available on the Cleaning Matters website, where they detail their exhibitors, sponsors, and awards. This can be found by following this link: 

We are delighted to be joining forces with Cleaning Matters on the 6th December 2023 to run the first BICSc Conference since the pandemic. The conference is free to attend and you can register to attend at:   

We are so pleased to announce our line-up, with speakers covering a range of topics, including as you would expect The Big training Debate and Auditing, the CSSA will be talking about how it is bringing like-minded people together, there will be presentations on sustainability, new and emerging technologies in surface disinfection, the role of technology in the cleaning industry today, Youth Employment in the cleaning industry and also a presentation on Entrepreneurial Insights from Richard Pearson. 

We will also be exhibiting so the team will be on hand to answer any questions you have on what BICSc is all about, or what else we can offer you if you are already a member. 

Here is a full rundown of the BICSc conference. 

9.30 – The BICSc chair Soo Bartholomew will welcome you all and get the day started. 

9.40 – Neil Spencer-Cook, BICSc group MD & Kelsey Hargreaves, technical specialist, will start the presentations with the Big Training Debate. 

Neil and Kelsey will cover some of the key questions our industry is facing in regard to training. Such as, is online training the future of training for cleaning operatives?  What are the benefits, and can it really replace face-to-face training?  Does skills training require an assessment? What benefits do assessments bring?   

10.05 – Paul Ashton, CEO (Birkin) and chairman (CSSA) will carry on with CSSA – Together, We Elevate Standards and Raise Profile

Our goals at CSSA stretch beyond growth in numbers. We’re deeply invested in stimulating impactful transformations and benchmarking standards in the cleaning industry. With an aim to create the ultimate support network, we’re fostering an environment where each member feels heard, empowered, and driven to raise our collective industry profile. Our diverse offerings range from rich industry insights and thought-provoking guest sessions to dynamic Q&As and relevant online content. Plus, our community always has an open invitation for collaborative networking opportunities.   


Find out how the CSSA is bringing like-minded people together with purpose to increase member success. 

There is then time for coffee and to visit the exhibition or drop in on The Cleaning Matters conference.

11.00 – Join Oriol Margo and Craig Bowman as they discuss the role that companies should play in addressing the biggest sustainability challenges that we face today.

This conversation will cover how to ensure sustainability is owned by everyone in the business, trends in sustainability and what they are most excited about as Kimberly-Clark Professional makes progress toward its 2030 sustainability goals and global ambition. 

11.30 – Join Dr Andrew Kemp JP, PhD, FBICSc L/RAMC, global expert in disinfection research for his presentation, New and emerging technologies in surface disinfection.

Dr Kemp will be discussing the latest disinfectant technologies, their pros and cons as well as the new technologies coming over the horizon. 

Following this presentation, lunch will be served, and you will have the time to explore the exhibition area. 

13.00 – We will be kicking off the afternoon session with Stefano Bensi from Softbank Robotics, with the role of technology in the cleaning industry and how this applies to cleaning standards. 

As part of this subject, we will explore the high-level global technology trends and how these can apply to cleaning, along with an overview of the UK market.  We will talk about the incorporation of mobile apps, to improve cleaning standards and outcomes and how dynamic, on-demand cleaning can benefit the user as well as the data. 

We will also touch on the cleaner workspaces and the role of automation as well as why it is important for the industry to create new standards that reflect the growing adoption of technology, and how businesses can implement technology to benefit them. 

13.30 – Kelsey Hargreaves will return to the stage for an insightful presentation on Youth Employment in the Cleaning Industry – where are we now?

The cleaning voice. Kelsey will provide an update on Youth Employment UK’s Youth Voice Census 2023 and note the impacts this may have on the cleaning industry. A year on from Kelsey’s first speech, as presented at the BICSc Industry Insights Conference: Youth employment: less talking more action, she will take a look at where we are now as an industry, what changes we have made and the lessons we have learned. In the theme of youth opportunity and learning, Kelsey will then open a panel discussion, where she will ask professionals in youth engagement, technical education, and cleaning industry professionals what the best route into the industry is.  

One Industry with infinite opportunities: do we really understand what the best route into the industry is? 

We will then stop for a short coffee break and afterwards move onto the final presentations of the day. 

14.30 – Success Beyond the Mess: Entrepreneurial Insights and Home Transformations with Richard Pearson

Join Richard Pearson in an inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, delving into the challenges and triumphs of building Poppies Cleaning Company. Gain valuable insights into the world of television with behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Filthy House SOS, and explore remarkable home transformations, uncovering the lessons learned in turning chaos into order. Richard will be interviewed by Penny Moyes from the Clean & Tidy Home Show who will ask Richard to share his entrepreneurial journey.  Penny will also delve into Richard’s Behind-the-Scenes Insights and Home Transformation Case Studies.  

15.00 – BICSc commercial director, Denise Hanson, will take to the stage with Auditing - how to be effective when completing an audit. 

What are the benefits to auditing a building in today’ s environments? Is an audit worthwhile?  Denise will answer these questions and then move on to the most important factors to consider when completing an audit, along with who should be aware of parameters of an audit.  With a few references to where audits have been successful in improving quality this is a session any cleaning contractor or inhouse manager should not miss.  

15.25 – BICSc Group MD Neil Spencer-Cook, will close the day.

We hope you will find the content useful and engaging as we move forward with technology sustainability and the data led changes that are occurring in the industry, and we look forward to welcoming you all to what looks like it could be a very insightful day.