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Deep cleaning kitchens with the Matrix SV8

30 June 2022

Matrix Cleaning Systems' Matrix SV8 is a solution to many challenging kitchen cleaning issues.

Manufactured in stainless steel, this machine just cuts through any grease and grime deposits on any vertical or horizontal surface in the kitchen environment. It’s got a combination of user friendliness, reliability and robustness, and can be operated by one person up to eight hours during the working day.

Combined with light agitation using the correct accessory, steam cleaning can produce high standards of cleanliness without the need for chemicals. Superheated (at temperatures up to 180°C) dry steam not only dissolves grease and grime, it sanitises surfaces – in contrast with mopping, which tends to spread bacteria and leave the floor wet, with the risk of slips, trips  and falls. At these temperatures, the residual moisture left after steam cleaning rapidly evaporates. Steam cleaners can tackle the toughest of grease problems found in kitchens, cleaning small cracks and driving dirt from crevices that other machines cannot reach. Regular steam cleaning helps maintain their ‘as new’ appearance, as well as removing smells by killing odour-causing bacteria in an instant. 

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