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Supporting frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis

05 May 2020

Matrix Cleaning Systems is a leading UK manufacturer of a complete range of steam machines manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire.

During these unprecedented times, Matrix has stepped up to the mark to increase its production capability, to support the demand for steam from Australia, South America, including Argentina, Chile and Peru, where the machines operate with different electrical requirements.

Exporting to countries in Europe, Greece, Spain and Italy, and the Middle East. Now supplying to 30 countries globally, we are delighted to have been chosen by so many clients for supplying a key product to assist with fight against the COVID 19 crisis. With machines currently being evaluated in North America, Matrix will truly be a force to be reckoned with in the steam market. 

The range of models feature steam only, steam and vacuum, steam and detergent or the complete solution steam, vacuum and detergent. Matrix Cleaning Systems can encompass all aspects of your steam cleaning requirements, including housekeeping, catering and leisure environments, contract cleaning, food manufacturing and specialist chewing gum removal solutions. 

Some of the main factors that are the reason for the growth and demand for steam: 

  • Improving hygiene standards
  • Increased demand from all markets to tackle COVID-19
  • Growing demand towards sustainable and green cleaning technology
  • Multifunctional use for daily and deep cleaning in all sectors
  • Proven and validated results.