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TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management

01 September 2020

Contractors use it to manage the practical aspects of employee engagement – onboarding, rostering, attendance, pay and communications. It ensures full control of labour costs through budgeting, analysis, ensuring that all work is correctly invoiced and providing real-time dashboard performance data to management teams.

What Is Workforce Management?

In the competitive, labour-intensive worlds of FM and contract cleaning, there is no more crucial task than the efficient and cost-effective management of your front-line operatives.

Welcome to the world of workforce management - ensuring that the right staff are in the right place at the right time, completing their contracted shifts in full and being paid correctly. It sounds easy, but managing hundreds of remote staff in a way that leaves clients satisfied, while keeping your wage budgets and profit margins intact has never been simple. 

With TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management, a combination of contract management software and tightly integrated mobile apps, you stay in full control of this vital element of your company’s day-to-day operation.

Full integration with your contract management system is what sets TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management apart. No need to export data between unconnected systems or spreadsheets.