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COVID-secure measures enable West End theatre re-opening

20 April 2021

LONDON'S THEATRE Royal Haymarket has implemented a raft of COVID-secure measures that will enable the theatre to re-open on 19 May 2021.

The auditorium and access areas are now fogged with Nemesis eH2O, an anti-viral disinfectant, before every performance, and visitors are temperature checked on arrival.

A video has been created to demonstrate the fogging process, and theatre manager Mark Stradling said: “We have made every effort to minimise the possibility of viral transmission and the video was created to provide reassurance to our customers.

“The response has been enormously positive and our latest production, ‘Love Letters’ starring Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove, has seen capacity audiences, albeit in a strategically designed, socially distanced auditorium.”

‘Love Letters’ will re-commence on 19 May and run until 13 June. Tickets are now available via the TRH website www.trh.co.uk and the theatre has confirmed that if any cancellations are necessary as a result of COVID, customers will be offered an alternative performance or a full refund.

Commenting on behalf of the Nemesis eH2O manufacturer, Adrian Gee-Turner said: “Our disinfectant was chosen for two main reasons. Firstly it is tested and approved to be highly effective against a broad range of micro-organisms, including Coronavirus. Secondly, it contains no substances that are hazardous to human health, so there are no safety issues for the person conducting the fogging, and fogged areas can be re-entered immediately, which is great news for theatre-goers.

“The Theatre Royal Haymarket has approached Covid security in a highly responsible and professional manner and it is wonderful to see this national treasure returning to something approaching normality.”

For further information contact info@nemesis-eH2O.com