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Hot tips for hygienic washrooms

07 March 2013

Emma Nourry, trade marketing manager at Lotus Professional, looks at the products available for infection control in washrooms this spring, and how to handle hygiene in warmer weather

Emma Nourry, trade marketing manager at Lotus Professional, looks at the products available for infection control in washrooms this spring, and how to handle hygiene in warmer weather

Though winter cold and flu viruses, such as the Norovirus,may gradually ease off as spring comes around, there is just as much scope for germs to linger and spread as the weather warms up.

Bacteria flourish in warm environments.They grow faster at body temperature (37°C), meaning that in the warmer seasons, hospital washroom managers need to be all the more active in looking after their facilities and avoiding the spread of germs between patients and hospital staff.

US dentist Cyrus Dehkan highlights the role that inanimate objects play in passing on germs."Many believe that the way one catches a cold is through the air via small droplets that are sneezed or coughed out by an ill individual.

This isn't quite accurate. Most colds are caught by way of touching a contaminated object covered with those droplets,"explains Dehkan.

Touchless washroom products can go some way to reducing the amount of hands-on contact and therefore the likelihood of germs being spread via washroom products says Lotus Professional. Its enMotion Impulse dispenser is 'a stylish solution to keeping your washroom summer fresh and germ-free'.The motion sensitive hand towel dispenser requires no hand-to-product touch, minimising the spread of germs and keeping bacteria at bay.

Waste is a hot topic Keeping washroom waste to a minimum is crucial during the summer months to keep facilities fresh, but even more so in the heat as warmer temperatures encourage decay.

Wasted paper not only makes facilities unhygienic and dirty, but also proves to be an expensive approach.

Unnecessary replenishing of the wasted paper towels and toilet tissue also generates additional maintenance costs.

Informed product choices can drastically reduce the amount of wasted paper in hospital washrooms; Lotus Professional says that opting for controlled dispensers can be beneficial to minimising consumption.

A recent survey carried out by the company revealed that the SmartOne dispenser helps to significantly reduce wastage due to its single-sheet dispensing system.The limited roll dispersal means there is less opportunity for superfluous amounts of toilet paper to be used and washrooms are consequentially tidier.This makes it suitable for high traffic washrooms with multiple cubicles, such as found in hospitals.

The company says that the reduced wastage encouraged by the SmartOne dispenser means that the roll lasts longer than regular dispensers.The paper does not need to be replenished as frequently, ultimately making easier the maintenance of a fresh and pleasant hospital washroom.

For hospital cleaning professionals, every season is spring-clean season, as washrooms need to remain fresh all year round, ensuring ultimate health and hygiene for the patients.

A simple way to ensure washroom amenities remain spotless throughout the seasons is to use sustainable products that are easy to maintain and do not need regular repair.

Traditional toilet roll dispensers can be subject to vandalism, meaning they often have to be replaced in order to maintain a healthy looking washroom. Lotus professional says more robust, contemporary designs like the SmartOne dispenser are far less susceptible to general wear and tear, as well as resilient to vandalism.

Though every washroom requires maintenance, with the right amenities and product choices, Lotus Professional says hospitals can ensure that their spring clean is sustained,'reducing the spread of germs and creating a spick and span environment all year round'.