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Green Lanes cleared of chewing gum

16 October 2023

WORK HAS started on Green Lanes to remove chewing gum on the pavements as Haringey Council teams up with Keep Britain Tidy and the Chewing Gum Task Force to improve pavements on one of Haringey’s busiest high streets.

Chewing gum will be steam removed from St Ann's Road to Green Lanes Overground Station with a portable gum remover which has been paid for by part of the funding.

Signs will be erected on lampposts along Green Lanes and stickers will be put up in local businesses to help encourage people to dispose of their chewing gum in the bin.

This follows the council’s successful chewing gum removal campaign around Wood Green earlier this year which included the installation of pink bins for people to dispose of their gum properly which is then recycled to create more bins.

Cllr Sarah Williams, Cabinet Member for Housing Services, Private Renters and Planning, said: "Littering is a nuisance for residents, detrimental to pride in our local area, and is a waste of taxpayers’ money to clean up.  

"It’s great to have the support of Keep Britain Tidy and their Chewing Gum Task Force to get and keep our streets clean. As a result of behaviour change interventions after the initial clean-up, other boroughs which have benefitted from the scheme have seen chewing gum litter reductions of up to 80%. 

"I encourage the minority of residents and visitors who are disposing of their litter irresponsibly to place all their waste in the bins provided."

The council is one of 56 across the country that have successfully applied to the Chewing Gum Task Force, administrated by Keep Britain Tidy, for the £25,000 funding to clean gum off pavements and prevent it from being littered again.