PPE for your clean surfaces

04 May 2020

Available from Haver Plastics, Surface Protectors are antibacterial, elasticated polythene covers, which can be used by cleaning companies to protect clean equipment and furniture in recently cleaned schools, offices, retail outlets, NHS facilities, and surgeries, from any contamination.

Haver Plastics’s new, UK made Surface Protectors are a cost saving cleaning tool designed to keep cleaned surfaces, clean. Suitable for use after a deep clean, the antibacterial covers are said to prevent contamination, prevent infections and significantly reduce cost by increasing the time needed between each clean.

After cleaning simply cover all your surfaces with Surface Protectors, and the antimicrobial technology in the covers will help to extend the effectiveness of standard chemical disinfecting routines.  

They can be used to cover and protect almost any shape equipment or surface up to 1.75m diameter; including ventilators, hospital equipment, patient belongings, tables and chairs. Custom sizes are also available.

Now available in anti-bacterial polythene, Anti-Bad Surface Protectors include the same bacteria busting technology that is used in hospitals.   

The Surface Protectors are said to prevent infections by providing a second line of defence against sneezes, dust, microbes, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, algae, fungi and mould. The covers inhibit the growth of 99.99% of all bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

The secure polythene covers can be supplied in a range of sizes, are 100% recyclable and the antibacterial additives are built into the product so don't wear off or leach out. The effect is long-lasting and will be effective for the lifetime of the antibacterial-finished product. 

Surface Protectors are available from Haver Plastics.