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Training & education of steam during lockdown

28 October 2020

DURING THESE unprecedented times like many other suppliers, Matrix Cleaning Systems, a leading UK manufacturer of steam machines manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire, has had to make many changes to the way the company maintains production to meet the global demand for its key products, and how it supports by education and training.

Managing director Bob Pownall said: "The demand for steam cleaning machine technology has increased dramatically. Not only here in the UK, but huge demand from overseas."

Matrix has increased production capability, staff production levels have doubled (100% increase). According to Powell, working safely and fast to meet all production deadlines has been a challenge in many ways.

With the restrictions in place and not being able to visit those high-risk key sites that have purchased Matrix steam machines, the company now has to offer education and training through other means. This is nothing new for Matrix which offers training through its E.O.S (Education of Steam) department, which has been delivering virtual training to its export customers for many years.

Education in selecting the correct machine, and how, where and why to use it, followed by training and support has had to be carried out by offering a Virtual Machine Training Course using video and Zoom meetings, with up to 100 staff in some cases.

What has made this a very simple and effective way of training is the simplicity of the Matrix machine design, for all models it is as simple as fill, connect and press the switch to get the machine working to its operating pressure. Connect the hose, choose the accessory and you are ready to clean and disinfect.

According to the company, there is no better way to deliver training than to be on site and unpack a new machine in front of the customer, but due to the strange times endured by the cleaning industry, Matrix has the technology to see and talk to people on the other side of the world in a bid to deliver quality education and support.

All of the virtual training can be supported by material that can be downloaded by clicking on the E.O.S brand on the Matrix website and training material, navigate the website, which is easy click on E – Learning and you will find E.O.S.

  • Supporting SOPs, Steam Operating Procedures
  • Application Videos, also on our You Tube Channel
  • Safety Guides
  • Quick Start-up Videos and much more support material
  • Training guides
  • Machine maintenance guides
  • Engineer training courses

Visit the website to learn more www.matrixcleaningsystems.co.uk