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A wide choice of paper towel dispensers

03 January 2019

Paper towels are undoubtedly a convenient and effective method of hand drying. They are also silent and therefore suitable for use in areas where the noise of a hand dryer could be problematic such as in offices or care facilities where people are sleeping. 

They also don’t require power and so can be easily installed and avoid the cost and inconvenience of providing a fused spur in the washroom.

Housing paper towels in a wall mounted dispenser helps to keep the towels neat, dry and free from contamination. They also help to reduce waste by presenting the towels one at a time. Although users may use more than one, they are likely to use less than they might when grabbing a few from a pile on a counter top.  Such a pile, whilst looking attractive and luxurious, has the potential to become damp as they catch the drips from other users and splashes from taps.

Washroom paper towel dispensers 

With so many paper towel dispensers available to choose from what makes a good one?

Firstly, choose your preferred paper; this is where you are going to be spending the most money over the forthcoming years. Estimate the potential usage. Whilst this can be difficult we would recommend:

Offices and work environments – staff will visit a washroom on average 2 to 4 times a day. Assume a couple of towels per hand dry, multiplied by the number of people on site and working days and this will provide a guide to the number of paper towels used in a week.

Other environments where the washroom footfall is more fluid, for example leisure or care facilities look at the number of visitors each week.

Weigh up the quality versus cost. Provide the luxury expected by your clients but don’t over specify unnecessarily.

Finally, consider the environmental benefits of recycled paper. By using a waste bin specifically for used paper towels you can also recycle them to complete the loop.

So, once you’ve decided on the type of paper consider the best dispenser to house it. A wide range of designs, materials and finishes are available.

Dudley Industries are specialists in stainless steel dispensers. And whilst it has provided different materials over the years the company has always believed that metal is best. It provides the robustness, reliability and security needed whilst being undeniably stylish and attractive, Dudley says. And whilst more expensive initially than its plastic alternatives, metal provides outstanding value for money in the long term, the company adds.

Which stainless steel paper towel dispenser should you choose?    

Dudley Industries provides over 17 styles of paper towel dispenser, so the company is confident that it has a design that is ideal for your specific environment.  These designs are also available in a variety of colours and finishes.

The company says that its wall mounted dispensers are easy to install and come with an installation kit and instructions. All units are lockable helping to keep the contents secure and prevent pilfering and wastage.

The recessed and behind the mirror dispensers are not only stylish, they also utilise the space in washroom design to ultimate effect.

The latest additions to Dudley's range are designed specifically for care facilities. The anti-ligature dispenser, designed in-conjunction with a leading industry expert, minimises points in the dispenser design where a ligature could be attached and used by the vulnerable to afflict self-harm. Installed with a wall plate it helps to support and protect those living with mental health issues.

The new Dementia range utilises colour differences between the dispenser and wall plate to help make the dispenser more visible to those experiencing dementia.  One effect of dementia is the reduced ability to detect colour contrasts between objects and décor, making simple everyday activities such as washing your hands more difficult.

Find the right paper towel dispenser

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to keep your teams and visitors healthy. Providing effective and reliable hand washing facilities demonstrates your level of care provided to washroom users. Installing stylish dispensers will enhance your washroom and help you present a stylish, clean, hygienic and caring washroom environment.

Dudley Industries has been designing and manufacturing metal washroom dispensers since 1942, and are experts in sheet metal engineering designed specifically for the washroom environment.