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'Behind the mirror' hand hygiene system

14 August 2019

Dudley Industries has launched a modular ‘Behind the Mirror’ hand hygiene solution to their global washroom offering. Modulo is a new cabinet system that provides a flexible and easy to install solution for stylish washrooms.

With space so often at a premium in washrooms, careful consideration must be given to every detail. Modulo is a convenient solution that provides a choice of hand washing and drying options housed in a cabinet cleverly concealed behind a mirror.

Customers choose the cabinet size, select the dispenser combination by choosing soap dispensers, hand dryer and options for paper towels; and finally choose the door type to complete the selection.

Unlike traditional cabinets the Modulo system provides a range of dispenser locations so that each one can be ideally positioned exactly where you need it.

The simplicity of installation makes the mounting of a Modulo cabinet easy and choosing a combination of the manual and battery operated dispensers removes the need to connect to mains power making it suitable for all locations and washrooms.

The cabinets are available in widths of 600mm and 1200mm. Cabinet doors are available as a traditional mirror finish but for the more inquisitive a tinted glass option is available which stylishly reveals the dispensers through the glass. 

Product designer Andrew Marsh said: "We understand that utilising space effectively in a washroom is critical to efficient design. But this doesn’t have to be at the expense of style. The tinted glass cabinet door started out as a way to showcase the dispensers during the design process, but the reaction by customers was so overwhelmingly positive we decided to offer them as standard.’"

Ease of servicing for the cleaning team has been considered throughout the design process. Gas filled struts ensure the cabinet is easy to open and the internal shelf helps to store spare consumables making the refill process quick and easy.

The Modulo system is designed and manufactured in a specialist engineering facility in Lancashire. Dudley Industries have years of experience in the washroom accessories market having been designing and marketing washroom dispensers since 1942.

Constructed from stainless steel and powder coated in an attractive matt black finish, Modulo is designed to be a convenient and stylish solution for all washrooms large or small.