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One in five workplaces fail to meet workers’ needs

21 October 2019

According to new research by the Leesman Index, one in five (19%) of workplaces fail to meet the needs of occupants.

The employee experience specialist’s report ‘The Workplace Experience Revolution part 2’ analysed more than half a million employee responses in nearly 4000 workplaces worldwide over nine years.

The findings are drawn from 346 spaces that have been measured by Leesman in the post-occupancy phase after a workplace relocation or refurbishment.

This group, which is made up of 84,158 individual employee responses, allowed Leesman to find out where workplace change projects succeed or fail.

The report indicates.Around one third (33.5 per cent) of respondents in new workplaces cannot agree that their workplace enables them to work productively.

Levels of noise were seen to be the most common issue experienced by workers, with just 33.4% stating that they were satisfied with this aspect of their new workplace.

While, the best results for new workplaces were seen in supporting collaborative working practices, one area of concern was the lack of support for those needing to complete individual or "concentrative" tasks.

Further effort and additional aspects needed to be included in the delivery of new workplaces to ensure that employees were provided with the best environment to complete their activities.