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Jet dryer drives down running costs

11 October 2016

Airdri has developed the Quantum Jet Dryer to meet market demand for fast hand drying with low power consumption, low noise output and reliability in operation to drive down running costs.

Low running costs achieved through energy efficiency is a major benefit of hand dryers and with the Quantum running on only 200 watts to produce a high-powered fast drying experience, high energy savings are said to be achieved easily. By comparison, most jet dryers in the market require 1000 watts or more to run at full power. The Airdri Quantum has been designed with a universal voltage of 100v-240v making it suitable for almost any installation in any location.

Group head of dryer sales and marketing projects Trudi Osborne said: “The young, elderly, those who are hard of hearing or who are on the autistic spectrum can find the noise emitted by some hand dryers very distressing and off-putting, so we’ve made sure that the Quantum has one of the lowest noise levels in its class while still maintaining its exceptional performance.

"In addition to considering its sound level we have also ensured that the dryer complies with the ADA disability requirements making it ideal for disabled facilities and washrooms limited in space. It really is a jet dryer for everyone.”