Chop the mop campaign

09 March 2015

Denis Rawlins has secured the rights to distribute Kaivac cleaning systems throughout the UK and Ireland in support of its campaign to promote science-based cleaning.

Managing director James White says its exclusive deal with the US manufacturer will help the cleaning industry break a widespread and unhealthy attachment to outdated and inefficient cleaning practice. 

He said: "We’re astounded that, given today’s higher awareness of hygiene and infection control, around 70% of hard floors are still mopped. Yet we know that mopping spreads rather than eliminates potentially harmful contaminants."


He added: "Our campaign to ‘Chop the Mop’ is borne out of our consultancy-led approach to selecting the most hygienic cleaning method based on scientific evidence. We undertake site audits and ATP testing to measure the levels of bacteria before and after cleaning. This approach is well aligned with the Kaivac philosophy."


The Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System combines pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming and other tools in a single platform. The system is also multi-purpose. Studies are said to show that Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning is up to 60 times more effective than mopping, and takes between a third and half the time.