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Rawlins secures UK rights for eighth year

29 June 2021

CLEANING CONSULTANT and equipment supplier, Denis Rawlins, has secured the rights to distribute Kaivac cleaning systems throughout the UK, following a seven-year relationship with the brand. 

Selected as Kaivac’s chosen UK partner, Rawlins will continue to champion the innovative US manufacturer, encouraging people to ditch outdated and inefficient practices, in favour of science-based cleaning.  

Rawlins will offer its customer base a range of Kaivac’s cutting edge No-Touch Cleaning Systems, which are designed for total soil removal, without the need to touch contaminated surfaces. By combining an automatic chemical metering and injection system, indoor pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum, the integrated systems deliver superior results compared with archaic practices like string and microfibre mopping.

James White, Managing Director of Denis Rawlins Ltd, said: “We have a long-standing relationship with Kaivac and have always been a huge supporter of their ethos and products. With a shared passion for science-led, results-driven cleaning, we are delighted to have been chosen as their UK partner. 

“Together, we will continue to campaign for better cleaning standards, encouraging people to Chop the Mop and invest in our ‘Remove, Improve and Protect’ method. The Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning Systems are 60 times more efficient than traditional mopping. They also reduce ongoing running costs by cutting labour time, removing the need for multiple tools, and limiting chemical use. As a result, No-Touch Cleaning significantly increases productivity and delivers the highest standards of cleanliness.”

Rawlins’ Kaivac range includes:
Manufactured for large surface areas, the Kaivac Autovac Stretch is a high-performing, high-speed cleaning system with extreme soil removal technology. Perfect for areas such as warehouses, hallways, fitness areas, and cafeterias. The recycling option also allows excellent cleaning range and productivity without the loss of cleaning effectiveness.

The Kaivac NTC, which allows for No Touch, science-based cleaning of hard surfaces from washrooms and toilets, stadium seating areas, external signage, cool rooms, holding cells, kennels, and much more.  

The Kaivac Stretch which replaces mopping giving scrubber-drier performance without the hassle. Proven to be the answer for rapid spill response.

The UniVac kitchen cleaner, which is becoming the machine of choice due to its compact nature and ability to win the war on grease.   

Remaining at the cutting edge of technology, Kaivac has also recently launched The Kaivac Virtual Studio to enrich their client experience and bring their training scenarios and equipment to life. With a washroom, professional kitchen, hard flooring set, Kaivac can show products in action, despite pandemic restrictions limiting face-to-face contact.

To find out more about this visit https://vimeo.com/479971384 

For more information visit www.rawlins.co.uk