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Air sterilisation system offers Log 10 protection

20 January 2022

CLEANING CONSULTANT and equipment supplier, Denis Rawlins, has launched its first air sterilisation system, which uses industry-leading technology to offer the highest levels of protection against bacteria, mould and viruses.

The Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser uses Quantum Active Field Technology to completely destroy bacteria, viruses and odours. A single unit can sterilise up to 900 cubic metres of air, with 15 air changes, every hour. It removes 99.9999% (Log 6) of all bacteria, mould, spores and endo spores, and 99.99999999% (Log 10) of all families of viruses in a single pass.
The Quantum AFT 60 is a surface mounted commercial air sterilisation system, ideal for the prevention of cross contamination in laboratory, hospital and food manufacturing environments. It is also now available for office, retail, transport and education sectors.
The Quantum AFT 60/90 is a ceiling mounted air steriliser, which has been developed for use in laboratories, medical facilities, conference facilities and open plan offices that have been fitted with flat, false or suspended ceilings. It is ideal for large areas that require quick and efficient removal of bio-hazardous and inadequate air quality conditions, to leave pure fresh air.
Both units use a high-pressured motor system and Quantum technology to sterilise the air, before exiting through the Quantum filter system. The units are easily fitted and only require an annual service. The Quantum washable filter extracts down to 0.1 micron and has a mechanical life of up to five years.
James White, managing director at Denis Rawlins, said: “We have spent months researching how to surpass the government’s guidelines around air sterilisation to bring the most powerful solution to market. Offering Log 6 reduction on bacteria and mould, and Log 10 on all families of viruses, including coronavirus, we believe we have a first-class product that can be used across a wide range of sectors.
“With a challenging winter ahead of us, and with COVID-19 infection rates on the rise again, protecting society from airborne risks has never been more important. Thanks to our Active Field Technology, our new range significantly outperforms conventional HEPA systems, offering the highest levels of protection.”

For more information visit www.rawlins.co.uk