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Match wiper to task

18 February 2015

At the Cleaning Show, Northwood Hygiene Products will launch the new Perform range of industrial wipers.

Matching wiper to task, the range will offer the opportunity to fully evaluate the particular needs of individual wiping operations such as wet and dry strength, absorbency and high temperature resistance.

The objective is to ensure real end-user cost efficiency by determining the need precisely to avoid the costly over or under specification of the wiping product requirement. The range will be of particular interest to those end users currently utilising bags of rags for their wiping needs.

Whilst a long established source of wipers, rags are not consistent in their absorbency, their linting or their overall freedom from foreign bodies such as zips or buttons. In some instances this can have a negative and costly effect. 

Also featured on the stand will be the latest developments in the Leonardo range of dispensing systems, including the new Premium Collection. This good looking range, incorporating the inherent Leonardo qualities of easy maintenance, single sheet dispensing and proven cost in use efficiency, will be of particular interest to the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. The dispensers are supplied in either a dazzling white finish or sparkling silver.

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