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Making a noise with a new Whisper Green

12 January 2022

NORTHWOOD HYGIENE Products, a leading manufacturer and supplier of away-from-home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products, has boosted its luxury Whisper range of premium pure pulp toilet rolls, facial tissues and airlaid hand towels with the launch of Whisper Green – the first 100% recycled luxury toilet tissue in the range. 

A premium, environmentally-friendly 2-ply toilet tissue, Whisper Green uses FSC® certified, sustainably sourced, 100% recycled paper. Ideal for eco-conscious washroom users who don’t want to compromise on quality, it is designed to offer ultimate softness and luxury. 

Officially launched at the Cleaning Show 2021, Whisper Green features an embossed pattern for added absorbency and comfort and incorporates laminated plies to add strength and bulk to the roll. 

Paul Mulready, marketing manager at Northwood, said: “In the UK, we use around 127 loo rolls per person every year*, so we all need to do our bit by looking for more ethical alternatives. The benefit of 100% recycled toilet paper is that it can be made without having to use new materials, using recycled paper instead. That certainly doesn’t mean that it has to sacrifice on quality or softness though. 

“We’re excited to unveil Whisper Green and the many benefits it offers to customers requiring a toilet tissue that’s made from 100% recycled paper, yet is absorbent, plush and comfortable. Unlike many recycled toilet tissues, Whisper Green is manufactured in the UK and we’re sure that it will prove popular with end users and distributors alike.”

Each roll of Whisper Green contains 210 sheets and comes in a four-pack option. Its packaging is made from at least 30% recycled material and can be widely recycled.

Combining supreme quality with high performance, Northwood’s Whisper toilet roll range is the ultimate product for the discerning customer. As well as Whisper Green, the collection also includes Whisper Gold, Whisper Silver, Whisper Classic, Whisper Ultra, Whisper Soft, Whisper Super Soft and Whisper 320. 

For further information on the Whisper range, please visit www.northwood.co.uk, or call 01952 236 930.

* according to Statista – the statistics portal for market data.