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Washroom hygiene for the food sector

05 May 2020

Leading the way in the provision of Away-from-Home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products for the food sector washroom, is the North Shore premium proprietary system range of dispensers and consumables, created by manufacturer and supplier, Northwood Hygiene Products.

It is because of North Shore’s many benefits - including hygiene, high capacity, low maintenance and exceptional cost-in-use - that more and more organisations in the food manufacture and preparation sector are choosing the range as their preferred modern washroom system. 

It is essential that employees handling food have access to a hand-washing and drying system with strong hygiene credentials. Bacteria is primarily spread via the hands, and paper towels are the most hygienic method of hand-drying;  while reusable towels harbor germs, electronic hand-dryers spread them through the air.

North Shore’s dispensers are easy to clean, no-touch options are available and towels are presented in single sheet format so that users only touch the paper they require. Toilet paper and hand towels are individually wrapped, keeping them hygienically clean.

North Shore has been developed to address the issue of waste, offering a quality dispenser range that boasts a secure locking system to prevent theft, and a unique dispensing system that prevents overuse by ensuring towels are issued in economic lengths for controlled dispensing. Added to this, North Shore’s toilet paper dispensers have been specifically designed to ensure that 100% of paper is consumed before users are able to access the next batch.  

Unfortunately, misuse and waste within a washroom can take many forms aside from just excess toilet paper and paper towel usage. System damage and occasionally also anti-social behaviour can ultimately yield high maintenance costs if the system within the washroom isn’t manufactured to a high standard. North Shore’s entire range is constructed from extremely durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, minimising any damage that may be caused.

North Shore paper products are also drain-friendly, so precluding costly and time-consuming blockages.

Additionally, in a world where sustainability is very much at the top of the agenda, 70% of North Shore’s paper products are made from recycled paper. 

At the heart of North Shore is its signature four roll dispenser, the Orbit. Designed exclusively by Northwood, it fits seamlessly within any washroom environment, boasting a capacity of up to 5000 sheets of toilet paper, demonstrating huge cost-in-use benefits, as well as low maintenance. 

Another stand-out product within the range is the Hybrid Roll Towel system. Designed for the ultimate luxury experience, the cost-effective dispenser is engineered to offer market-leading smoothness and quietness of delivery. Sensor operated for excellent hygiene performance, the no-touch unit is quickly and easily replenished, while its high capacity minimises janitorial maintenance and makes it ideal for high footfall facilities. Sheet length is controlled, reducing waste. 

Complementing the Orbit and the Hybrid, North Shore also comprises a compact, infinity paper Side-by-Side toilet roll dispenser, a high capacity Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel dispenser, a Micro Folded Hand Towel dispenser and a soap dispenser to provide a full end-to-end washroom solution.

Available in a choice of three colourways - Ocean Blue, Ice White and Midnight Black – there is a North Shore system to attractively coordinate with busy washrooms of any colourway.

Organisations wishing to upgrade their washroom to the North Shore system may do so free on loan via selective distribution.

For further details, please visit www.northwood.co.uk