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Law on waste for businesses in Scotland to change

20 December 2013

From 1 January 2014, the law will require every business in Scotland to take all reasonable steps to recycle as much waste as possible, as well as requiring all local authorities and waste contractors to meet high recycling standards.

Detailed guidance on the new statutory duties, and information on how best to comply with them, has been revealed and is available in the Duty of Care Code of Practice produced by Scottish Government.

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 require businesses to take the following actions:

  • Businesses must present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card separately for collection from 1 January 2014.
  • If you run a food business which produces over 50 kg of food waste per week, you must present it for separate collection from 1 January 2014.
  • The requirement to present food waste for separate collection will extend to all food businesses which produce over 5 kg of food waste per week from 1 January 2016.
  • Where food collections are available, it will be illegal to dispose of food into the public sewer, for example, by using a macerator.

To find out more visit the Zero Waste Scotland website here, or visit Resource Efficient Scotland website here.