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Northwood on course to plant 1000 trees by end of 2023

16 January 2024

FOLLOWING NATIONAL Tree Week which took place from 25 November to 2 December, Northwood Hygiene Products has announced that throughout 2023 it planted more than 800 trees in UK towns and cities.

Northwood teamed up with Trees for Cities – the only UK charity to plant trees in towns and cities in the UK and around the world – earlier this year and set a target to plant 500 trees in 12 months. Now, the Telford-based firm has smashed its target and planted 809 trees in just nine months.

Paul Mulready, marketing manager at Northwood, says: “We’re absolutely delighted to have planted more than 800 trees so far this year. This puts us well on the way to plant 1000 trees by the end of 2023, doubling the number of trees we pledged to plant!

“National Tree Week marks the beginning of the tree planting season and it’s an important reminder of the impact that trees have on the environment and our communities, helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere and supporting good physical and mental health. 

“We’re passionate about sustainability and the role that trees play in the environment and we’re committed to our alliance with Trees for Cities and doing our bit to ensure that towns and cities are greener and healthier spaces.”

Under its partnership with Trees for Cities, Northwood donates funds for trees to be planted in urban areas when customers sign up to install North Shore or Raphael dispensers. 

Dozens of Northwood customers and end users have already helped Northwood support the scheme, which aims to make a social and environmental impact by engaging local residents to plant trees and bring the multiple benefits of urban trees into their community spaces.

Trees for Cities has planted more than 1.7 million trees since it was established in 1993 and the charity engaged with nearly 25,000 pupils in its school programme this year.

Northwood’s partnership with Trees for Cities is part of the firm’s overall commitment towards sustainability. Embracing a circular economy, Northwood is one of a handful of companies in the UK that is fully vertically integrated, meaning it sells as well as converts parent reels. Northwood collects more than 100,000 tonnes of recovered fibres and produces more than 70,000 recycled parent reels a year. 75% of Northwood’s products are made from recycled paper and all of Northwood’s paper mills now produce Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified base sheet paper. 

Northwood’s Raphael proprietary washroom dispenser and consumables system combines strong environmental benefits with superior hygiene. Developed to cater for any washroom environment, whether it is large, small, high or low footfall, Raphael delivers improved washroom hygiene standards, whilst also saving money and reducing waste.

The North Shore premium proprietary system of washroom dispensers and consumables from Northwood is designed to deliver zero waste and volume in use, North Shore offers industry-leading capacity and supreme cost-in-use benefits. it is easy to install and maintain, as well as being durable, hygienic and environmentally sustainable. 

For more information visit http://www.northwood.co.uk