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Why H2O could be the key to sustainable cleaning

21 February 2023

Companies nationwide are embracing the need to reduce their carbon footprint, with many setting their own independent targets and changing the way they work to fight climate change – this is just as true in the FM and cleaning arena.

CREATING SUSTAINABLE workplaces, which use resources and strategies that mitigate environmental impact and protect employee health, is a major business focus.

Sustainability is moving higher on the agenda in facilities management and often regularly forms part of supplier sourcing strategies. Businesses want to know how FM providers will help them reach their environmental goals by supporting their scope 3 reductions, whilst maintaining impeccably high standards of service – hygiene, in the case of cleaning, and naturally delivering best commercial value.

Our commitment is to reach Climate Net Zero 2030, in line with goals to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – and to help our clients meet their own environmental goals.

Forward-thinking FM providers are responding by switching to sustainable cleaning technology, such as Tersano filtration systems. Installed at client sites, these convert normal tap water into SAO (Stabilised Aqueous Ozone).

SAO is a highly effective natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser that kills 99.999% of bacteria and microorganism, including enveloped viruses like Covid-19 - produced with just two ingredients: water and oxygen. 

After use, it reverts safely back into water and is not harmful to the environment, making it a more sustainable, cheaper, effective alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals. In addition, SAO contains no additives, toxins or artificial scents and leaves behind no residue, it is completely safe to use.

14forty advocates the use of chemical free cleaning wherever it is suitable and aside from Tersano’s cleaning and sustainability properties, other benefits include:

  • Improved safety for clients, their employees, and our colleagues
  • A substantial financial saving in the reduction of chemicals
  • Reduced need for chemical storage space, in turn also reducing packaging waste
  • Enhanced time efficiency due to fewer chemicals being required 
  • Higher quality cleaning as layers of cleaning chemical residue previously left on surfaces are lifted leaving surfaces visibly brighter and cleaner
  • The potential to extend the life of surfaces and consumables by using SAO which is a more natural cleaning agent.

Mauro Ortelli is managing director at 14forty,  an integrated facilities management business. Part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, it delivers tailored food and hospitality, cleaning, security, guest and other professional services. 

For more information visit www.14forty.co.uk