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Teeing up for greener hospitality

20 February 2023

With Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy high up on the agenda for catering and hospitality businesses, it’s important that operations teams’ analyse all elements of business practices to ensure they are hitting ESG targets. This includes cleaning and maintenance, and with running costs at high levels, Daniel Took believes battery power could be the more sustainable and cost-effective choice for maintenance managers.

RUNNING COSTS and sustainable operations tend to be top of mind for those in the hospitality sector as operational costs continue to rise. Customers are much more conscious when it comes to environmental practices of businesses and it’s now becoming a lifestyle choice when choosing who to invest in.

Whilst businesses have consistently sought to stay committed to sustainable practices, there is a current danger of a lack of investment as both businesses and consumers feel the squeeze. However, investing in cleaning and maintenance particularly within the catering and hospitality sector could save you time and money in the long run. Not only do battery powered maintenance and cleaning machines make businesses less reliant on the grid, battery-powered cleaning and maintenance solutions allow for a more robust, cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning operation due to their cordless design, being quiet and relying less on mains power.

Exceptional cleaning quality

Customers expect quality when they enter hospitality venues, from the moment they step inside to where they will eat or sleep. Maintaining entrances and lobbies should be at the top of the agenda for making customers feel like they have walked on the “red carpet” each time they enter your premises.

Handheld battery powered devices such as the Kärcher Vacuum Cleaner BVL 5/1 Bp Pack allow users to easily remove loose dirt to maintain the premises. Lifting dirt from carpeted flooring, the backpack vacuum cleaner can be used effectively in a matter of seconds to whisk away dirt and maintain the luxury aesthetic.

With its super-lightweight design, the Kärcher BVL 5/1 Bp is worn by the user on their back enabling them to easily clean surfaces without the need for cables to be strewn across the area. Added attachments allow for it to be used on a multitude of surfaces from entrance mats to curtains to keep the lobby area pristine for guests.

Perfecting cleaning quietness

Those staying in hotel rooms or frequenting restaurants expect a high-level of cleanliness, however they do not want to be disturbed by loud cleaning appliances. Using battery powered machines can help to reduce noise levels without compromising on performance.

Vacuum cleaners such as the Kärcher T 9/1 Bp have a robust design and emit low-noise levels. The reduced noise output enables cleaners to use them in areas that are open to the public. This is perfect for cleaning corridors and passageways between rooms when dirt may have built up during hours when customers may be sleeping.

Effective cleaning turnaround

It is imperative within the hospitality sector to enable a quick turnaround that does not risk impacting the effectiveness of the clean. Moving to battery powered solutions can greatly increase time saved whilst cleaning as there is no longer the need to unwind and rewind cables to plug machines in. Instead, cleaning machines can be powered at the touch of a button, allowing users to easily get started on the task at hand.

Opting to move to battery power can save up to 20% work time compared with corded models, offering more time for cleaners to spend making the final touches to the rooms to help deliver that added luxury.

Hygienic cleaning mastered

Hard flooring, such as in bathrooms and open spaces, need to be cleaned effectively using a scrubber dryer to mop up unwanted dirt and spills. Traditional manual floor cleaning with a mop and bucket can put areas of flooring out of action for long periods of time – not to mention the added hazard risk of wet flooring.

To help overcome this, cleaners can utilise the BR 30/1 C Bp cordless scrubber dryer from Kärcher. This handheld battery-operated scrubber dryer is ideal for choice cleaning of hard flooring and tiles. Its microfibre roller technology achieves up to 20 % better cleaning results than manual floor cleaning (mop and bucket method) and up to 60% quicker drying times, preventing the need to close off large areas for long periods of time.

Battery power in action

Recently Kärcher partnered with Swinley Forest Golf Club to help them make the switch to battery powered maintenance. Swinley Forest Golf Club has spectacular surroundings that undulates past heather, pine woods, azaleas, and rhododendrons, much to the delight of its private members. Having changed little over the last 100 years, the 6,431-yard course plays deceptively long and provides a test of skill for golfers of all abilities. However, maintaining the course amid this attractive greenery and rural location presents its own unique challenges.

As with all golf courses, taming the natural landscape can be tricky when it comes to green maintenance and keeping fairways in optimum playing order. From unwanted foliage on the greens to the upkeep of bunkers, ensuring that grounds teams have the right tools at their disposal is essential. With the rising cost of fuel and the need to reduce noise pollution to avoid disturbingplayers and local wildlife, head greenkeeper Tony Stephen recently turned to Kärcher’s Professional Landscape Management range to capitalise on the benefits that come with the use of battery power.

First launched in 2021, Kärcher’s battery powered Professional Landscape Management range features a host of different machines powered by Kärcher’s unique battery universe platform technology. With two batteries to choose from, 18V and 36V, users can make use of handheld blowers, strimmer’s, chainsaws and more.

When it came to sourcing a battery powered range that would work for Swinley Forest Golf Club, Tony was focused on finding a solution that would increase the productivity of his groundskeeping team. With the ability to switch the batteries between different applications, all powered by the same voltage, Kärcher’s PLM range stood out ahead of the field.

Tony commented, “We wanted to find a solution that would enable us to maximise the use of different equipment without having to worry about charging over and over again. The LCD display on

the Kärcher batteries means that you can easily see how much runtime you have left depending on the machine you are using and the setting you are on. It also helps to show you how long they have left to charge, enabling you to plan your tasks and ensure you have access to power as and when you need it.”

For use around the course, Tony and his team were excited by the opportunities to do touch up work as and when it was needed. Fixing the handheld blowers to the ride-on grass cutters was ideal for quick jobs around the course that would otherwise need to be done using noisy petrol-powered machines.

Tony mentioned, “We always need to remove loose foliage prior to grass cutting for a professional finish and the addition of the blowers to the ride-on means that our groundskeepers can easily clear the surface prior to cutting. Kärcher’s lightweight blowers are powerful and highly adept at removing loose debris. With the addition of a turbo mode for stubborn materials, the handheld blower is an effective and valuable tool in our groundskeeping arsenal.”

Alongside maintaining fairways and greens to meet the high standards that players have come to expect, the groundskeepers also put the strimmer’s to work when it comes to bunker maintenance. Making use of the top handle strimmer, the groundskeepers are able to easily manage bunkers by removing over-hanging grass to leave a professional and manicured finish.

The brush cutter function is also ideal for use around the clubhouse and to tidy up trees across the course and ensure a clean and presentable playing area. The battery-powered chainsaw, with its high 23m/s chain speed, is regularly deployed for touching up work and, with its quiet and brushless motor system, it helps to reduce noise across the course.

Tony highlighted that the reduction in noise was of particular importance to the team. He added, “Players expect a quiet environment to enable them to focus on their shot and not be distracted. Anything we can do to help facilitate this whilst also carrying out much-needed groundskeeping at the same time is essential and the addition of battery powered equipment will help us to do this without impacting on the playing experience.”


Making the move to battery power is about more than pursuing a more sustainable outlook for hospitality venue, battery power should also be top of mind for many companies who are looking to reduce fuel costs, noise and increase productivity. Kärcher’s range of professional battery powered machines offer unique advantages that help to speed up cleaning times and maintain effective cleanliness to suit catering and hospitality businesses of all sizes.

Daniel Took is head of professional product marketing at Kärcher UK.

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