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Demonstrating the future of cleaning

26 August 2021

CLEANING AND maintenance equipment specialist, Kärcher UK is set to excite The Cleaning Show attendees with its latest range of high-performance professional cleaning machines.

Visitors to the Kärcher stand can expect to find a carefully curated display that has been divided into four key areas to support facilities maintenance in the years to come: ‘Driving Productivity,’ ‘Sustainability,’ ‘Cleaning Quality,’ and ‘Added Value.’

As the emphasis on cleaning continues for many businesses, maintenance managers will have to focus on boosting productivity to keep up with demand. To facilitate this, Kärcher’s ‘Driving Productivity’ stand area will showcase the latest innovations that are a must for any facilities managers’ arsenal of cleaning equipment. From their cost effective and highly efficient Classic Scrubber Dryers to their all-new battery powered cleaning machinery, including a carpet cleaner, handheld scrubber dryer and vacuum cleaner. Each machine on the stand has been carefully selected due to its robust construction and range of uses, helping to deliver cost-effective and productive cleaning solutions. 

With targets to meet Net Zero, many business processes are increasingly centred around environmental consciousness, and this includes cleaning practices. To support businesses wishing to make changes that benefit the environment, Kärcher’s ‘Sustainability’ area will showcase some of the newest battery powered products coming to market. These battery powered solutions run off Li-Ion batteries, allowing them to be charged time and again. They form part of Kärcher’s new Battery Universe range of products, a unique solution of cleaning machines that run off the same sized Li-Ion batteries allowing for multiple machines to be used off the same battery platform. This reduces the requirement for multiple batteries and chargers for different machines, whilst allowing for an independent/off-grid operation. On display in the area, visitors can expect to get hands on with the new HD 4/11 pressure washer, the LM 530/36 Bp lawn mower, and the new ultra-light battery powered backpack vacuum. 

‘Cleaning Quality’ is a particular focus for those wanting to maintain popular thoroughfares and high touchpoint areas. As part of Kärcher’s ‘Cleaning Quality’ stand area, visitors will be able to get hands on with its new range of steam cleaners and electrostatic sprayers. These machines are ideal for facilities managers needing to clean hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Also on display will be its B110R Scrubber Dryer, WRP 10 Vacuum Cleaner, and two further members of its Battery Universe range – NT 22/1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with new High Reach Pole System and the new Electrostatic Sprayer. 

Lastly, visitors looking for ‘Added Value’ will have direct access to Kärcher’s team of experts who will be on hand on the day to discuss its exclusive range of service and support packages. From flexible purchase and hire options to full training and onboarding, Kärcher’s service is all about building strong relationships with its clients whilst maximising their efficiency and quality of clean. 

Kärcher looks forward to welcoming attendees to their stand at The Cleaning Show.