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Don’t slip up on safety

17 October 2014

Slips and trips are the most common causes of work accidents accounting for over 40% of major injuries at work and 1.3 million lost working days annually.

The HSE estimates slips and trips in the workplace cost UK employers £512 million per year – yet the simple act of implementing an effective cleaning regime can drastically reduce the risks, helping to protect both your employees and your business.


Kärcher floor cleaning machines are packed full of innovations to ensure maximum safety coincides with optimum cleaning results. Wet or food-contaminated floors are responsible for 90% of slips but Kärcher machines eliminate this risk as they leave all floor surfaces spotlessly clean, free from grease, and bone-dry in a single pass. What’s more, with battery versions available on many models, the trip hazard of trailing cables is avoided too.


Kärcher’s advanced Scrubber Driers are so efficient, that all walk-behind, step-on and ride-on models feature on the government’s Water Efficient Technologies List, enabling businesses to claim 100% tax relief on Kärcher machine purchases.


To give businesses a helping hand to maintain a clean, safe working environment Kärcher is pleased to offer up to £200 cashback on compact scrubber driers purchased between 1st September and 31st December 2014.