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Cleaning cloth helps sustainability goals

26 October 2021

DESIGNED TO help customers meet their sustainability goals is the new Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth from Essity.

This highly versatile cloth is made from 99% plant-based, sustainably-sourced fibres and has been independently certified as OK Biobased by TÜV Austria.

“Customers are increasingly demanding products that enable them to meet their sustainability goals while also improving productivity,” said Essity’s Matthew Medhurst, industrial sales manager, professional hygiene. 

“Products such as Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth provide them with the benefits of improved performance for absorption, durability, linting and solvent consumption - while also reducing their environmental impact.”

Capable of handling both light and heavy-duty cleaning tasks, Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloths are effective at mopping up water, oil and grease-based spills. The cloths have a highly durable design for a longer life, helping to reduce costs and consumption. And the fact that they are dispensed one at a time from the pack means that waste is reduced because users only take out what they need. 

Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloths are part of a complete range of Tork cloths and wipers designed for use in industrial environments.

Tork manufacturer Essity is committed to sustainability in the professional hygiene sector. Tork now uses 100 per cent recycled cardboard fibre and 30 per cent recycled plastic in its packaging.

In December 2020 the company qualified for inclusion in the 2020 Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index in the Household Products category, receiving high scores for its environmental and social reporting, work with suppliers, brand work, innovation and climate strategy. 

For more information visit tork.co.uk/manufacturing and www.essity.co.uk