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28 August 2020

TemplaBI slices and dices data from multiple data warehouse sources linked in real-time to your TemplaCMS database to analyse any combination of financial or operational performance at any level of your company across any time period. It brings your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

For many contractors, the only way of analysing company or client performance, for example gross profit, attendance and complaints, is to download data from different systems onto one spreadsheet, where data can be turned into management information – a lengthy and laborious process that compromises the company’s ability to react promptly to adverse variances or worrying trends.

Our Business Intelligence reporting suite combines multiple data sets - Transactions, Contracts, Budgets, Timesheets, Absences, Quality Audits, Time & Attendance, Workbills and Service Requests - with six user-defined management levels, typically Company, Region, Area, Manager, Sector and Managing Agent, to create an almost unlimited variety of business reports. From a financial perspective, all data is analysable by client, site, period, month, cost/revenue stream, task type or budget group. The reports are all available in comparison format, enabling senior management to run the rule over performance in different areas and time periods.

A standard set of pre-written reports is available. However, users may utilise a ‘copy and create’ process to build new bespoke reports for their own companies. Users will also be able to collate information together for a specific site/client, bringing all key management information onto one report. Examples of standard reports include:

  • Contracted revenue by client
  • Actual versus budget pay by area manager
  • Consumable sales by area manager
  • Gross profit percentage by contract
  • Operatives’ absence hours by area manager
  • Quality audit scores by site

Reports are graphical and allow the user to ‘slice and dice’ data rapidly in many different ways, moving from the big picture to focused detail in a few mouse clicks.