Tackles pet odour

24 June 2019

"Pet odour is caused by the slow break down of organic soiling on and within surfaces which release malodorous compounds," explains Emma Saunders, general manager at Genesis Biosciences.

"Pet owners may be duped into using air fresheners or ‘odour maskers’ to hide the bad smells, however, these products don’t tackle the problem at source. 

"That’s because odour masking products don’t continue to work after application. The perfume hides the bad smell initially, but the malodourous compounds themselves remain and harmful bacteria, including E.coli continue to multiply, leading to the release of further malodorous compounds."  

Genesis Biosciences has invested over £2.5m into its research and development process and thousands of hours have gone into product testing to find Bacillus strains to safely address the issues faced by pet owners.

From this extensive research and development process, the company recently launched the Evogen Professional range of biological cleaners for domestic use.

Through the Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser, Genesis has launched a three-pronged attack on bad odour.

  • The eco-benign odour counteractant immediately binds any existing odour molecules, by encapsulating them and making them impossible for our olfactory receptors to detect.
  • The fragrance immediately provides a clean, fresh scent.
  • The beneficial Bacillus in the product degrade organic soiling, such as proteins and starch in the application area. The products of this degradation are then taken into the bacteria cells and used for growth. Thus, the slow breakdown of these materials, which would otherwise be utilised by bad bacteria and result in the formation of many malodorous compounds, cannot occur and the odour is prevented at the source.