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Genesis Biosciences makes it probiotic cleaning range available online

31 October 2018

Genesis Biosciences has announced the launch of its new online shop, meaning its innovative cleaning products are now available in just a few clicks.

A global leader in beneficial bacteria fermentation, Genesis Biosciences is described as the first company to develop, manufacture and offer both microbial and antimicrobial products for the Facilities Management, I&I, WWT and Marine industries.

The introduction of the new online shop, which comes just a few months after Genesis Biosciences launched its eco-benign products on Amazon, is consistent with the company’s ambition to make the Evogen Professional range available to both the professional industry and to the wider-public. 

The strategic decision is seen as a positive move in their mission of delivering responsible cleaning agents that are free of damaging chemicals, sustainable for both users and the environment. 

Emma Saunders, general manager at Genesis Biosciences, said: “This is an exciting moment in the history of Genesis Biosciences. Reaching out to a wider audience means that we can increase the positive impact of our research and products, helping both professional and individual customers harness the cleaning power of nature.”