Express foam cleaner

11 April 2018

Holchem, the UK expert in hygiene technology solutions, has launched a new generation alkaline Express Foam cleaner, designed for use in open plant cleaning in food, dairy and beverage plants.

 Express Foam is a long cling foam product for extended contact of detergent with soiling, but is fast dispersing when rinsed; this reduces rinse time, giving faster hygiene shift turnarounds and reduced water consumption.  In factory use, Express Foam breaks down under wellington boots and dissolves easily in rinse water, thus saving rinse time and rinse water.
It also has a number of green credentials:
• P Free – it provides an environmentally responsible approach to effluent discharge using replacements for Phosphorus derived chemical scale control agents, as well as reduced potential for exceeding effluent discharge consents.  It is also part of Holchem’s drive to remove Phosphonate scale control agents from formulations
•  EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) Free – Express Foam includes Glutamate chemistry with improved biodegradability and reduced health risk.  Gram for gram the new chemistry is 30% more efficient at binding calcium salts than EDTA, which means lower levels of inclusion in formulations and less transportation (chemical miles) of raw materials
• Improved emulsification – reduces the amount of manual padding required, using a synergic blend of flow foam surfactants to create a high level of emulsification across a wide HLB range