Colour-coded cleaning tools

24 November 2017

Hillbrush, the manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools in the UK, has expanded its portfolio and is introducing new products alongside workplace organisation solutions.

“After first entering the food manufacturing industry with our hygiene products in the 1970’s, we understand this sector’s need for the highest standards and use the same diligence in our manufacturing processes," the company said. "All food manufacturing facilities require a comprehensive workplace segregation system and high quality, food contact approved tools to comply with stringent compliance regulations. Our team is passionate about supporting these practices which is why our product development focus group has been working hard to make our customer’s needs a reality.”

Hillbrush has an extensive range of colour coded cleaning tools made using food contact approved materials. They have just added grey and brown to their offering, meaning they can now offer a hygienic cleaning tool for every defined area. Hillbrush now has twelve colours available across a wide range of products. This is significant as it can help to reduce the risk of cross contamination and promote wider workplace segregation practices.

The Foodservice range is described as lightweight yet durable. Made using FDA/EU approved materials, it is designed to meet the needs of hotel, restaurant and catering establishments.

The company added: “Cleaning tools will only be effective at reducing the risk of cross contamination if they themselves are cleaned and stored efficiently after each use. In a fast paced environment with food manufacturing staff working a busy shift, this can easily be overlooked resulting in poor storage and can even lead to products being lost or misplaced."

To combat this fully colour coded, anti-microbial protection, wall mounted and portable shadow board options are available that are said to be easily maintained and allow clear visibility of all cleaning tools.