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Biohazard cleaning services

17 March 2017

In the event of an incident in the workplace, whether that be a fire, flood, blood, or other bodily fluid spillages, it is imperative that an organisation has plans in place to enable it to get back to full operational capacity as quickly as possible, whatever its core business function is. 

Monthind Clean can support business continuity managers across the East of England by providing specialist biohazard cleaning services to get a business back on track quickly. With a fleet of fully-equipped response vehicles, and a team of fully-trained, certified and vetted operatives on call 24/7, Monthind provides a risk assessed, inclusive clean-up and removal service to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Simon Biggs, Monthind partner and operations director, said: “The health risks associated with Biohazard incidents require the services of specialist cleaners, but Monthind also appreciates the corporate impact of such an event. We deliver an efficient service, without unnecessary delays, minimising any detrimental effect on productivity and ultimately profitability.”

Monthind’s biohazard cleaning provision is not limited to the corporate sector, and its services include property clearance and decontamination, bio-waste removal and medical cleans.