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Improve detail cleaning of floors

17 October 2016

Vikan has launched the Crevice Scrub, which is designed to help customers in the food and beverage industry further improve hygiene through effective cleaning of edges, corners, grouting and narrow spaces.

The new brush features a V-shaped filament pattern with differentiated filament thicknesses, a swivel system for ergonomic cleaning under tables and equipment, and a clip fit handle for hygienic cleaning of the brush and handle.

 The new Crevice Brush is designed for high-efficacy detail cleaning of hard-to-clean floor areas, with impressive ergonomics and hygienic cleaning subsequent to use. Benefits include: V-shaped filament pattern for reaching into crevices, stiffer filaments in the centre of the head for loosening trapped dirt and handle swivels nearly parallel with the floor for reaching under tables etc.

A hygienically designed clip fit system lets users remove the handle prior to cleaning. The Crevice Scrub is also colour-coded for cleaning tool segregation.

Deb Smith, Vikan’s global hygiene specialist, said: “No floor is truly clean until the entire floor is clean, which means corners, edges, grouting between tiles and hard-to-reach narrow areas. The new Crevice Scrub empowers users to reach and thoroughly clean all these areas with less effort and strain. The hygiene improvements continue even after use, as the brush head can be separated from the handle for hygienic tool cleaning – even in the join between handle and head, where dirt and potential contaminants can accumulate.”