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Pressure washers improve productivity

31 August 2016

Nilfisk have launched a range of mid-range hot water pressure washers. The MH 3M & MH 4M models are said to exceed the latest productivity demands driven by the hard working market and are packed with new features.

The new range features a new 4 wheel design which lowers the machines centre of gravity. The units are therefore easier to pull or push and perform very well on uneven surfaces, construction sites or difficult agricultural environments.

The low centre of gravity is enabled by the internal distribution of components making the units very easy to tip and steer from left to right. Transport is aided by a handy footplate at the rear of the unit to improve manoeuvrability.

Most of the time cold water delivered at pressure will clean the majority of applications satisfactorily. There are times however, often when oil or grease are present, that only hot water will do the job. The MH models are fitted with a new boiler system independently certified to be more than 92% efficient. In EcoMode the unit will not only maintain impressive performance but reduce fuel costs too.

Cleaning with hot water has been proven to significantly reduce cleaning time and therefore the associated labour cost. Whole life running costs, including purchase cost, labour, water, fuel and service elements demonstrate a saving of over 26% compared to cold water only. Whether the application calls for cold or hot water however the option for instant detergent is only a button push away. 

The MH range delivers pump pressures up to 220 bar with both units featuring brass pump heads and 3 ceramic pistons. An easy to open cabinet provides direct access to the pump which is protected by a large inlet water filter. A new control panel placed at eye level at the rear of the machine allows the operator to retain optimal vision on all indicator levels including oil tank and oil sight.

The new design also incorporates a spray gun holder that prevents the gun from being damaged during transport. A turnable hook enables secure winding of the power cable whilst hose reels are easily mounted. A large storage box adds useful flexibility for the operator. The Nilfisk development teams have retained their ecological focus by ensuring that 90% of all components are recyclable.