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Machines used for commercial cleaning

25 February 2014

In general there are a lot of factors that have an impact on the results of commercial cleaning procedures but the quality should be second to none.

If you want to have regular customers and expand your business you shouldn't put up with poor cleaning procedures especially if your property is visited by hundreds of people every day. It is a common practice for the big companies to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of their office, hotel, restaurant and so on but don't take all the promises for granted. Pay attention to the cleaning equipment the cleaners use and justify the amount of money you pay.

When it comes to carpet cleaning make sure that no harmful or toxic detergents are used during the cleaning procedure. The most efficient method for removing dirt, stains and grime from the carpets is steam cleaning. However the steamer should be powerful enough. The traditional upholstery cleaning methods are unable to clean a leather sofa but the steam cleaner would do an excellent job and make not only your carpets but your sofa and chairs neat and allergen free.

No matter if you own a commercial or a residential property, in both cases the bathroom and the kitchen tiles deserve some special treatment. To get them cleaned and thoroughly sanitised you need a pressure washer. If you own a restaurant or a hotel with hundreds of guest rooms this is the best choice. The high temperature eliminates the bacteria and that's the greatest advantage of the pressure washer. The temperature of the steam may get up to 330 F, which makes it really decent cleaning equipment intended to make the dirt and grease from any bathroom, fridge, oven, freezer or a kitchen floor disappear in no time.

Before taking care of the carpets you should make sure that the floor itself is clean. There are a lot of hard surface cleaners and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Although, it often comes down to the price when choosing a floor cleaning machine you have to take some specific features into consideration: needless to say, it should be powerful. The second requirement is not to create noises or at least to keep it low. This is critically important if you have, say, a hotel full of guests. Another thing is the design. It should have an attachment or a form that enables it to reach inaccessible corners and tight areas easily. 

Since the technology is advancing with a tremendous speed, no spot or stain should pose a difficulty to the powerful cleaning equipment that is available. A variation of a steam cleaner has even been invented to fight the tiny, invisible germs and bugs stuck into your mattresses. It is crucially important to note however that when you buy a steam cleaner you should choose one with top quality brushes otherwise you may have to spend a great amount of money for repairs and new brushes in the foreseeable future.


Written by July Minor, who runs end of tenancy cleaning company