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14 May 2015

Discarded chewing gum, fly posters & graffiti all present huge cleaning problems in public areas. The Solution? The patented GumBusters technology! Simple yet effective, this environmentally friendly equipment uses a unique biodegradable cleaning agent and a small amount of clean cold tap water to clean up even the toughest gum and graffiti problems.

The technology is already in used all over the world, from Japan to the US, from Australia to the UK, GumBusters is the weapon of choice in the fight against gum pollution. The unique combination of dry steam vapour delivered at high temperatures and the biodegradable cleaning agent rapidly destroys the resilience of gum against delamination from the surface and vaporises it. The specially developed GumBuster technique can be used on almost every surface including asphalt, concrete, paving & natural stone. The technology is equally effective on porous street surfaces, polished marble and even walked-in gum on carpet & entrance matting making GumBusters the ideal solution for local authorities as well as high street retailers who suffer the problem.

The GumBusters technology can be supplied in two ways: The mobile GumCart is a compact unit which is easy to transport and can be used in public areas with minimal disruption. Alternatively the GumCart is mounted on a purpose design trolley system for complete independent mobility within areas such as a town centres, bus/train stations, sports stadiums or any other area prone to gum and graffiti blight. The trolley carries its own low noise generator, and can accommodate enough cleaning agent and water supply for an 8 hour street cleansing shift making it a totally autonomous gum removal system.

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