Kneepad protection

14 March 2016

A non-foam based, work trouser-pocketed safety kneepad which maintains its maximum cushioning effect during use, “can help prevent up to 6 months down time and subsequent loss of earnings through knee injury in the workplace”.

The claim comes from Cliff Lockyer, CEO of Redbacks Cushioning, the Northamptonshire based manufacturer of UK designed ‘Redbacks’ cushioning kneepads. 

“It is vital to have the correct knee protection in the workplace in order to avoid long-term pain and discomfort and prevent expensive down time loss of earnings,” Lockyer said.

“Based on the fact that there are currently over 104,000 annually registered knee replacement operations in the UK alone, 50% of which are accredited to occupational hazards, in the next 10 years the total figure will exceed over a million people in the UK, many of whom will have damaged knees through inadequate protection whilst kneeling."

“In addition to the unnecessary pain and suffering, both the employed and the self-employed risk losing their income through injury, and the prospect of litigation will be a real threat to employers for not providing the best possible safety measures for their employees.”

The kneepads feature a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring set within a honeycomb matrix. This technology distributes body weight evenly, elevating the knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints, whilst minimising the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects.