Wipe out weeds

03 December 2014

Rochdale Council are utilising a Nilfisk City Ranger outdoor machine for non-toxic weed ripping.

The liveried 4 wheel drive, 35 HP City Ranger 2250 is one of a fleet of articulated outdoor machines that are easily adapted for a wide range of functions. A full range of attachments provide for year-round use including green maintenance, winter maintenance and street cleansing.

The attachments are quickly and easily changed in minutes, the hydraulic hoses connecting at the turn of a handle. Weed control, rotary and mulch mowing, lawn edging, hedge trimming, snow sweeping and salt and sand spreading can all be carried out by the versatile City Ranger.

Rochdale Council had been carrying out weed control by hand before moving to mechanisation using the City Ranger 2250. Transport procurement officer for Rochdale Council John King said: "The weed removal tool is a world away from our previous manual methods. The performance and productivity of the machine is fantastic and has made a massive difference.


"The staff are very happy with the operation of the unit which consistently gets positive comments from local residents. The results are evident from the 'before' and 'after' photos and all achieved with no use of chemicals."

The weed control tool works by scouring weeds loose and destroying new shoots. Regular brushing thereafter keeps areas weed free. The City Ranger sweeper is veryy manoeuvrable and turns in a very tight circle. Brush heads can be easily turned and angled enabling impressive results on a myriad of surfaces including cobbles, flags, slants, right angles, kerbs and around lamp posts.

A six metre vacuum hose is optional for nooks and crannies but the suction sweeper hopper efficiently removes all weeded material and any new seeds. Additional options include an integrated high pressure washer and a rear view camera.