One step for window cleaning

07 March 2013

Unger has produced a one step system for indoor window cleaning.

Unger has produced a one step system for indoor window cleaning.

The system is suitable for any user, including those without window cleaning experience and does not require extensive training. It also offers safe and quick access for cleaning high level windows, skylights and glass balustrades, with Unger's best selling telescopic pole.

The essential component of the Indoor System is a 20cm wide Padholder with a swivel head, featuring Velcro backing.

Depending on the level of soiling a user can choose between two microfibre pads, attachable to the Padholder with Velcro.The pad with ultrafine, short fibre is suitable for every day cleaning, as well as polishing of glass and mirrors. For periodic washing or heavy soil, Unger provides a more absorbent 15mm microfibre pad. The system is ready to use after fitting the Padholder with the right pad onto a pole and spraying the pad with deionised water.

Purified of minerals, deionised water provides a streak free finish, without the need to squeegee or dry the windows, resulting in a clean finish.

There are two System kits available within the new HiFlo Indoor Window Cleaning System.The Starter Kit is designed for those who already have basic cleaning equipment and consists of the Padholder, five Polish Pads and a thread Adapter, which means that the Padholder fits onto any existing Unger pole.

A complete Master Kit also includes the Unger 2.5m TelePlus pole, a Sprayer on the Belt as well as the practical ErgoTec Belt and Pouch for storing clean Pads.

The System, covered by Unger's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, helps simplify the cleaning process for indoor windows and other fixtures, saving time and money with improved safety.