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Metsä Group’s 2025 Sustainability Awards launched in the UK

28 June 2024

METSA GROUP has announced the launch of its 2025 Sustainability Awards.

The company’s biennial Sustainability Awards was founded in partnership with the Cleaning & Services Support Association (CSSA) in 2023 with the aim of shining a spotlight on sustainability across the cleaning and hygiene industry.

In 2023, Metsä held an awards ceremony at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, where participants joined together to celebrate the industry’s commitment to sustainability and to recognise those leading the way in best practice. The entries exceeded expectations and there are high hopes for the awards in 2025. 

The 2025 Sustainability Awards ceremony will be held at The Pelligon in Canary Wharf, London, on 19 March 2025.

Announcing the launch of the Awards, Mika Paljakka, Metsä Tissue’s SVP for UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be hosting the Sustainability Awards for a second time in 2025, in co-operation with the CSSA. The calibre of the nominations for the 2023 awards was inspirational and demonstrated our industry’s commitment to embracing and innovating sustainable practices.

Nominations for the awards programme are now open, and entries are welcome from all organisations from across the cleaning and hygiene industry whose actions have made a positive and lasting impact on the environment. 

The categories for the 2025 Sustainability Awards include:

  • Positive Climate Impact Award
  • Social Value Impact Award
  • Best Sustainability Communication Award
  • Sustainable Collaboration Award
  • New Sustainable Innovation of the Year
  • Judges’ Choice – recognising the best achievements at national and local levels.

Details of the awards and how to enter are available on the 2025 Sustainability Awards website - www.2025sustainabilityawards.com/ Nominations are free to enter and the deadline for entry is 31 August 2024.

Tickets for the 2025 Sustainability Awards Ceremony will also be available to purchase from October 2024. We have increased capacity at the 2025 awards ceremony from 200 to 400 but in 2023 the event sold out quickly, so to avoid missing out you can pre-register your interest here – https://2025sustainabilityawards.com/shop/tickets.