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New bactericidal foaming hand wash pack size

16 January 2024

EVANS VANODINE has announced the addition of a new pack size to its bactericidal foam handwash, Trigon Foam Plus, which will now be available in a 5 litre bottle.

This new 5 litre pack size is designed to extend the Evans Skincare options for bulk refill dispensers with a bactericidal foam variant. It will sit alongside the existing 1 litre cartridge pack, giving customers extra choice for their handcare systems.

Trigon Foam Plus is a highly effective, unperfumed bactericidal foam hand wash. Developed by Evans experienced research and development chemists and tested by its UKAS accredited laboratory using test methods EN 1276 and EN 13727, it kills a wide range of bacteria to support good hand hygiene practice. It has also been tested on volunteers’ hands by an independent laboratory to pass EN 1499.

Trigon Foam Plus has been formulated to help reduce the risk of cross contamination and therefore it is especially suitable for use in catering, food preparation and processing areas, healthcare and nursing homes. 

Studies have shown that not only can bacteria survive on many types of surfaces, but they can be spread by fingers to other typical high contact surfaces such as taps, door handles and telephones. Healthcare workers' hands are one of the most common modes of transmission of healthcare associated pathogens from patient to patient and within the healthcare environment. Washing hands with Trigon Foam Plus kills 99.999% of bacteria present and helps prevent spreading them to food, people or surfaces. It is also important that hands are dried thoroughly after washing to further reduce the spread of disease.

Trigon Foam Plus contains a unique blend of specially chosen ingredients, most notably: chlorhexidine digluconate, allantoin and glycerine. These form an effective, complex formulation, which not only cleans but also provides a soothing and moisturising effect to help protect the skin, and encourage skin repair, making it an ideal choice where frequent hand washing is necessary.

The new 5 L pack size can be dispensed via the Evans Evolve foam refillable dispenser, which has a 900ml reservoir with a foam nozzle pump dispensing 0.6ml dose each use. Trigon Foam Plus is also available in a sealed 1 litre cartridge which is designed to prevent air entering during use, minimising the possibility of contamination, with a unique closure for specific use in the Evolve cartridge foam soap dispenser. Both dispensers generate an instant foam which is easily spread across the hands and rinses to leave the hands clean and sanitised. The foam soap is also very cost effective, producing more washes per each litre than conventional liquid soap.

Trigon Foam Plus is an ideal choice for critical hand hygiene areas, to protect staff, customers and patient. It offers effective infection prevention, kills 99.999% of bacteria (microbiological profile available) and is gentle on skin, with added moisturisers. 

To find out more about this or any other product in the Evans Vanodine range, please visit www.evansvanodine.co.uk or contact sales@evansvanodine.co.uk