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MAKITA: Making it mess free

24 February 2022

MAKITA HAS ​launched its latest XGT 40VMax vacuum cleaner, providing cleaning professionals and facilities managers with a powerful cleaning solution that they can rely on.

The XGT 40VMax CL002G Brushless Vacuum delivers the high output needed to tackle large areas and achieve professional results with ease. It offers an impressive sealed suction of 21kPa and suction power of up to 125W. Thanks to the option of four power modes, users can also adjust the output to suit different surfaces. It also comes with a redesigned nozzle for efficient floor and carpet cleaning.

As well as a cloth dust bag, the CL002G is also compatible with a paper disposable dust bag for easier and mess-free disposal. The redesigned filter structure also works to minimise dust ingress to the motor, ensuring maximum performance efficiency and extending the product’s life cycle. 

Despite its powerful performance, the CL002G is quiet when in operation (with sound power levels as low as 54dB(A)), making it ideal for use in occupied premises such as offices, retail and residential dwellings. Its compact design makes it comfortable to use even over extended periods – and easy to pack away at the end of the day.

Kevin Brannigan, marketing manager at Makita said: “Our XGT range has been specifically designed to offer the increased output and optimum performance needed for professional applications, and we are delighted to extend our XGT collection to offer cleaning professionals and facilities managers with powerful cleaning solutions.” 

To find out more about Makita visit: www.makitauk.com