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Home>SUSTAINABILITY>Green Cleaning Products>Robert Scott launches new Ecofibre range

Robert Scott launches new Ecofibre range

12 January 2022

AS A manufacturer and supplier, Robert Scott has prioritised the need for sourcing and using greener materials by launching Ecofibre – a new range of products made from recycled materials, coming soon.

The Ecofibre cloth offers the cleaning power of traditional microfibre, with the added environmental benefit of using recycled plastic bottles in its production. Each cloth is made from 55% recycled plastic, with two recycled bottles in each Ecofibre cloth.

The Ecofibre cloth's ultrafine microfibres have a completely different structure to woven cotton cloths. The individual microfibres are engineered to create a large surface area per fibre and are naturally statically charged so that they have a strong suction effect, collecting as much dirt as possible in just one wipe.
Much like traditional microfibre, the Ecofibre cloth can be used dry or damp with your chosen solution and works effectively using just tap water.

The second is the Ecofibre scourer – a recycled, non-scratch scouring pad for tough, eco-friendly cleaning that’s made using 40% plant fibres including nut shells and 15% recycled polyester.

The Ecofibre scourer is perfect for tackling stubborn dirt such as burnt-on food on kitchen equipment, without damaging the material surface. It can also be reused multiple times to reduce the requirement for single-use, disposable products.

Alastair Scott, sales director at Robert Scott, said: “We’ve been testing products made from recycled materials to see which perform best for commercial cleaning and we’re really pleased with the efficacy of the Ecofibre products.

“Sustainability is front of mind for many of our customers and this is an area of product development we’ll be investing further into in 2022. We want to find sustainable alternatives for as many daily cleaning products and tools as we can for our customers to reduce our collective environmental impact,” he added.

Other recycled products currently available from Robert Scott include a 750ml recycled spray bottle, made from 100% recycled plastic, the Deodoscreen urinal screen, made from 75% recycled plastic and the 14L Great British Bucket, made from 70% recycled plastic.             

For more information call 01457 819400 or email info@robert-scott.co.uk