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The importance of wiping correctly

25 August 2021

Harrison Wipes has provided insight into the importance of wiping correctly.

Having the right products is only part of the battle – knowing how to use them effectively to keep your environments safe and clean is another. Whilst ‘wiping’ may seem like something we all instinctively know how to do, guaranteeing a great wipe – ensuring that bacteria and viruses are killed, debris is collected, and no fibres are left on a surface – is something that can, and should, be taught.

Folding a cleaning cloth

  • Start by folding the cloth in half
  • Then fold the cloth in half again
  • You now have a cloth with right different cleaning surfaces
  • Switch to a different side after each one has been soiled. When all sides have been used, dispose of the cloth appropriately as waste or laundry and use a new cloth to continue the task

How to use a wet wipe or disinfectant

When using a disinfecting wet wipe or a solvent, ensure that the area is ‘clean’ before disinfectant is applied. Clearing debris on a surface will make sure disinfectants can get to work properly.

When disinfectants are applied, ensure they are left on the surface for the required time. A quick spray and wipe will not cut it!

The importance of wiping correctly

If you don’t wipe properly you are opening yourself up to risk. Whether it’s in a food service environment where safety is key, or in a janitorial setting where efficiency and speed are key. By following the wiping specifications of our products, you are far more likely to avoid issues and keep your processes intact. With the right wipe, you can achieve better results.

Why wipes need instructions

For cleaning operatives to complete their roles effectively, and for everyone in an organisation to remain safe, it’s imperative that wipes come with instruction. This helps to neutralise the risk that people can wipe ‘wrong’. That’s why all of our products come with detailed instructions – allowing teams to match the right products to applications, to achieve maximum results.