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Why getting the right wipe matters

15 January 2021

FOR EVERY industry, bespoke cleaning practices have always been a pivotal concern - but this importance has grown substantially in the past year.

Global businesses have been prompted to improve internal procedures and maintain the wellbeing of immediate staffing teams, external support and direct consumers. However, it can be an understandably difficult task to undertake. In today’s cleaning market, there is an abundance of wiping products available - from heavy-duty wipes to low linting wipes to antibacterial & antiviral wipes - meaning that choosing the right wipe for your business can be a challenge.

Whilst the task itself may seem daunting, the successful application of an appropriate wiping solution is long-lasting and hugely beneficial. Not only can it help to streamline working processes but it additionally ensures a sustained, safe professional environment. 

So, why take the time to find the right wipe? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in this article.

Prevent wasted expenditure
When it comes to budgeting within your business, you’ll likely want to keep your cleaning costs to a minimum. So, it’s important to only invest in wiping products that get the job done well and on the first time, if not, you could find yourself with a wiping solution that needs to be used multiple times to reach an acceptable standard. This means more resources are needed to complete a singular job; wasting time, money and energy. 

Alternatively, opting for a product that fits the process - as well as wipes that can be washed or reused - will offer significant cost in use benefits. 

Improve efficiency across your business
While your priority might focus on keeping your professional environment sanitary and secure, choosing the right wipe can also have benefits on overall operation. Whilst a low-quality wipes eventually get the job done, a high-quality wipe maximises cleaning speeds and improve efficiency throughout every department.

A prime consideration is choosing a solution that is specifically designed for your application. So, if you work within an industrial environment, you’ll need a durable, low-linting wipe that effectively cleans the product or surface and leaves little to no residue or fibres. This allows your production line to continue without disruption and enjoy improved productivity.

Improve your environmental procedures
Understandably, environmental action has found itself at the forefront of every business’ mind. And so, it’s important to employ cleaning solutions that support the environment!

There are multiple ways to approach this, but perhaps two of the most simple yet effective considerations are; reducing the overuse of wipes and understanding the materials that make up the product. Both allow your business to become more conscientious. 

Additionally, if budget and specific requirements allow, consider opting for compostable wipes which break down without leaving any microplastics, as they are made from 100% natural fibres.

Prioritise safety
Safety is, of course, the major goal when investing in a cleaning solution. And this reasoning has become especially evident with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 
As such, choosing the right wipe enables your business to actively control cleanliness and reduce the risk of infection. This allows staff - whether in a warehouse, clinical environment or everyday office - to remain safe whilst at work.

Of course, it is also vital that any standard claimed is backed up with the correct documentation and to ensure it is tested with your chosen application and not just in a laboratory environment.

We understand that while this might all sound great on paper, it’s hard to trust a product that you have no experience with which brings us to our final point: order a sample at https://morethanjustawipe.co.uk/ and make an all-round informed decision!