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Professional sanitising wipe

02 March 2021

IT'S NO secret that in the last 12 months, more people than ever have become involved with cleaning.

Whether it’s teachers in the classroom, shop assistants, or workers on the factory floor, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to reconsider how we approach hygiene in our environments.

That’s why having the right wipe for the job matters; one that can kill bacteria and viruses, keep surfaces clean and protect people in the process. The leading name in the world of wipes, Sontara along with their dedicated UK supplier, Harrison Wipes, has recently launched the Professional Sanitising Wipe – designed to be the next generation of very wet wet wipes and to help people feel more confident when they clean.

Why the right wipe matters
Put simply, the right wipe is the difference between safe workplaces and unsafe ones. By investing in the right wipe for your needs, businesses can empower their cleaners – whoever they are – and make them feel more comfortable. It’s more than creating a hygienic environment, it’s bolstering confidence, which in turn leads to a happier, healthier workplace overall. That’s why the right wipe matters.
The benefits of the Professional Sanitising Wipe
Designed to be a very wet wet wipe, the wipe ensures that sufficient disinfectant is laid onto the surface to guarantee it is clean and sanitised. They are alcohol and quat-free, ensuring surfaces aren’t damaged during the cleaning process.  The Sontara Professional Sanitising Wipe also has a number of advantages that make it essential for hygiene upkeep in all environments:

  • Kills a number of viruses including those responsible for COVID-19 and flu on surfaces in 1 minute
  • Sontara’s new wet wipe adheres to a number of EN Standards, guaranteeing high quality and performance
  • The wipes are available in a easy-to-use dispensable bucket, making them perfect for on-the-go cleaning
  • The Professional Sanitising Wipes have been tested in both clean and dirty environments
  • Furthermore, all of Sontara’s wipes are manufactured in the European Union and processed in the UK. This negates the need for long material procurement and shipping times, ensuring that you get the wipe you need faster.

What EN Standards does the wipe meet?
The Professional Sanitising Wipe is approved by European Standards, so cleaners can be confident in its performance. The wipe meets EN1276, EN14476, EN16615, and EN1650, all of which denote it as a quality wipe for combating bacteria and viruses on a variety of surfaces. The testing not only demonstrates that Sontara’s solution works in both ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ environments, it has also been tested using a ‘wiping’ action, as shown in EN16615, so it’s proven to work as you would expect. 
The difference between dirty and clean
Standard UK Practice states that cleaning has to occur in two stages: the clearing of visible dirt and debris from surfaces, then disinfectant of a surface with an appropriate chemical.

When considering ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ surfaces, we are discussing test data that has been provided on the basis that one or both of these conditions have been met. If stage one of this process is not completed, and you invest in a wipe that is not tested in ‘dirty’ conditions, there’s no guarantee that it will perform as needed. Sontara is fully tested and accredited in both conditions to ensure maximum peace of mind.
For more information about the Sontara Professional Sanitising Wipe and how to procure it for your business, be sure to check out the Harrison Wipe website: https://harrisonwipes.co.uk/products/sontara-professional-sanitising-wipe