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The TemplaCMS Customer Service module

28 August 2020

There is nothing more frustrating than requests for action getting lost in a manual system of emails and spreadsheets. TemplaCMS Customer Service deals with all requests in a straightforward, logical manner, whether they are simple complaints or complex tasks that need to be managed and tracked centrally such as a new contract mobilisation.

TemplaCMS Customer Service brings together the functions of a Help Desk and an internal request tracking system into a single user environment.

Following the initiation of a service request, either from a customer or from a member of staff, it allows you to assign responsibility for actions and information distribution. These requests can then be tracked through to completion using TemplaCMS Workflow, for example complaints, ad-work requests, materials order requests, equipment audit requests or contract start-up and termination. You can define your own customer care processes, including escalation points, ensuring every request is controlled and managed effectively.

Enhanced document management features enable MS-Word or MS-Outlook © templates to be used via TemplaCMS Customer Service in a variety of different ways to communicate with clients, prospects and internal staff alike.